Steven Bartlett

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Steven Bartlett, 23, is the CEO of Social Chain – Europe’s largest and No.1 social marketing agency & Europe’s fastest growing marketing agency. Offices in London, New York & Berlin and has over 200m people following their social media accounts. He was Founder of Wallpark, Tippy Tap & Piggy Break and has also acted as a consultant for Bebo. In 2014, Steve was named the Lloyds TSB young entrepreneur of the year for his success in creating a web based platform aimed at students.

Steven is an exceptionally creative, mega hard working entrepreneur and is often described as one of the UK’s most impressive young business men. Destined for greatness, he is without doubt one of the key thought leaders within the Youth / Student Marketing space.

Founded first internet company at 18 – Exited at 21 | Pitched and raised investment from VC’s at 19 | Co-founded Tippy Tap which went to No.1 in the app store for 3 weeks = 2 million downloads in 2 weeks | Co-founded Piggy Break which went to No.2 in the app store for 1 week | Student Entrepreneur of the year award 2012 | Dubbed the UK’s next creative pioneer in 2012 by the METRO newspaper | Public speaker. TEDx Speaker. Spoke at 21 Universities in 2013 | Included in the top 20 young entrepreneurs to watch in 2013 (YHP) | Included in the top 10 young entrepreneurs to watch in 2014 (Flexibox) | 2014 Young Entrepreneur of the year (Growing business awards, Lloyds TSB) | Worked on Bebo in San Fransisco as an entrepreneur in residence / consultant / advisor | Product, Marketing and Growth consultant at Fling, Unii and Refme | 1 of 5 Nominated for UK’s best creative brand | Spoken in front of the likes of Facebook, Coco Cola and LinkedIn | Appeared on BBC’s Newsnight show talking about Entrepreneurship | Writer on Huffington post’s business section | Business consultant for 4 companies. Focused on growth, product, viral marketing and generally asking the right questions.


Timothy Armoo and Ambrose Cooke

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Timothy Armoo and Ambrose Cooke, both at 21, established Fanbytes the UK’s largest social video platform helping brands to collaborate with YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine Influencers to create remarkable branded video content to reach millions of millennials across social media. The UK’s largest video influencer platform, their customers include Disney, Adidas, New Look, GoPro, Nickelodeon and even global superstars like Ronaldinho.

Timothy and Ambrose are incredibly approachable and charismatic young men with a remarkable entrepreneurial streak. They ooze determination and passion for entrepreneurship and are champions for innovation. We can only expect amazing things them as their company grows under their leadership. They are certainly ones to keep a close eye on.

Forbes describe them as “the millennials redefining how brands market to other millennials” so they must be doing something right.

Home to over 3000 curated influencers and 100’s of brands, Fanbytes combines an influencer network of over 500 million people along with deep analytics and measurement to create the easiest way for brands to engage with millennials.

“The Adwords of Influencer Marketing” | “The company that controls social media”

Backed by some of the UK and US’s top investors, Fanbytes enables any brand to precisely target their audiences through age, gender, location and interests and engage with them creatively through social influencers they can trust across YouTube, Instagram Snapchat and Vine.

Word of Mouth marketing is the most effective form. Fanbytes helps one deliver that at scale to an audience of 100 million teens and young adults through social influencers they trust.

As opposed to traditional agencies, Fanbytes allows brands to engage with a target audience through influencers in the same way you’d go about buying a Facebook/Google Ad. Simply specify the type of audience one would like to target and the Fanbyte algorithms and brains do the rest of the hard work. Their team of creatives helps one identify and work with the best influencers, within their network or management, to create compelling content that drives engagement and advocacy.

Featured in the Huffington Post, Independent, Guardian and Forbes for their blockbuster campaigns.

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